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Video tutorial & screenshots

  • Project Window
  • Main view
  • Main Window
  • Modeling cabinet example
  • Panel materials window
  • Cabinet boxful
  • Material styles window
  • Hardware list window
  • Assembling parameters

Editorial review

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Ricardo Zayola Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 3.0
PolyBoard is a 3D CAD tool for design and build cabinets and shelves.
This cabinet tool offers a wide variety of options to create and design cabinets with great detail. Their designs are ready to manufacturing, providing the list of materials to build the cabinet.
Also the parts of a cabinet can be chosen from a list of materials.
Among the variety of features this CAD tool allows adding the number of slopes; adding vertical divisions and modifying the distance between them. Of course the horizontal divisions (better known as shelves) are allowed and these can be fixed or mobile; it permits adding doors and drawers into spaces.
Materials for frames, panel and edges are available to select among a big list of them. Also it's possible to change the style of edges to give a great new shape to the cabinet design. All the features from a CAD program are available on this software just like the zoom in, zoom out, 3D etc.
Manufacturing methods are available to provide several scenarios for the cabinet construction. Also the materials list become available once you select the materials, styles and manufacturing methods.
This cabinet tool is fully compatible with any computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine tool; it provides DXF files of the design. Its GUI is very easy and friendly to user, with great graphic detail and many features for the cabinet manipulation.
Its documentation is not included, however on its website there are some information. Its installation process is very simple and easy to perform.
PolyBoard runs in Windows platforms.


  • It is a great CAD tool to design and manufacture cabinets.
  • It’s compatible with CNC tools.
  • It’s easy and friendly to user.


  • I haven’t found any during its review.
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What's new in version 5.1

- Handling high definition textures: Resizing, application in either mosaic mode (repeated) or in stretched mode.
- Handling multiple lights: Ambient light and additional lights such as directional lights, point lights, and spot lights.
- Shadows calculation and display (upon graphic cards).

What's new in version 4.0

This version allows you to assemble two parts while avoiding horizontal drillings in the edges.

Centering, thickness, and the shoulder of the tenon are configurable.

The position and dimensions of the mortise adapt to those of the tenon, taking the configured slacks into account.

The mortise and tenon assembly is compatible with the simultaneous use of fittings.
You may configure the assembly of the drawer inner components in the "Drawer" Sub-Method.

The overlap of the Sides over the Top generates an area where you may add an Upper Strip.

The multiple pieces selection (using the "Ctrl" key) allows to modify globally their material and grain parameters, or to delete them all in a single operation.

Publisher's description

This official description applies to version 5.1

PolyBoard is an interactive cabinet design and manufacturing program based on a powerful methodological concept. The program supports arborescent cabinet structures, dynamic material styles and manufacturing methods lists and recalculates cabinets in real time.

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